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ASUS ZenPad 10 Z300C Glass Screen Protector

Product Abstract:

• 1. Specially designed for ASUS ZenPad 10 (Z300C). • 2. Precise cut and design fit your zenPad Z300C screen perfectly. • 3. Hassle-free and bubble-free installation, automatically attach to your Z300C screen smoothly. • 4. Protect against dirt, dust and scratches, no influence on the ultimate clarity and touch screen accuracy.

Product Description

1.Anti-Blast for Impact Resistance 

Fomax Tempered Glass can greatly absorb external force from hitting, shocking, dropping etc., it scarify itself to be the best buffer for your screen. -- 9H Super Anti-Scratch Protection 
Surface hard coating layer can effectively resist wearing, rubbing and scratching to keep your screen brand new. 

2.Ultimate Clarity 

ultra transparent body providing good visual effect for everything displaying on your screen. Oleophobic coating reduce fingerprint and smudges to affect the clarity, keep your screen in clean and clear status. 

3.True Touch Sensitivity 

Not influence on touch responsiveness and accuracy of your screen after install with Fomax Tempered Glass, enjoy your clicking and playing. 


4. Surface hardness: 9H, 3 times harder than PET screen protector. The screen will not get scratched even using hard object such as knives and keys.

5. Delicate touch: On the back side of glass coated with a strong silicone layer to make installation easily and attached screen tightly so as to not affect sensitivity of touch screen.

6. Surface is anti-oil processing (Oleophobic coating), so fingerprints and oil is not easy to stay surface and it is easy to clean.  

7.Explosion-proof, shatter-resistant glass breaks into small pieces ,more secure than other glass products, and the glass screen protector will not broken into small piece with sharp edge. It still keeps a whole piece of screen protector to protect your phone screen against scratched.

8. Ultra clear edging craft and Whole transparency: Realistic picture and more than 99% transparency Much higher transmittance than PET screen protector.


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