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Monochrome oxide Titanium Alloy camera lens protector for iPhone 12

Product Abstract:

Titanium alloy material made, designed for use with Apple iPhone 12, protects your phone camera against accidental damage and dings. Scratch-resistant design keeps your camera clear from scratches. Anti-fingerprint repelling technology minimizes oil smudges on your camera. Bubble-free installation makes no any residue after application.

Product Description

These 3D textured lenses are available in attractive colors: midnight green, gold, blue, grey, red, light green, fashion black, silver, purple, pink.

There are numorous colors for selection, you can dress up your loved iPhone as you like. Choosing 1 set color, your iPhone 12 will be got full good protection.


1) It also available for iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro max.

2) There are also one piece version for selection, for iPhone 12, you need buy 2pcs.


The iPhone series come with the most advanced cameras in the history of the iPhone.Then, to guard this incredible camera on the back with a camera lens protector, having raised bezels is exceptionally essential.

We fomax have best camera lens protector available for your choice.9H tempered glass, protecting the entire camera lens from scratches, sudden drops and falls. Also its night-flash circle will assist you in capturing beautiful shots at night.

It entirely covers camera lens protector and provides excellent security against scratches and shocks. Also, the oleophobic layer acts as a barrier for water, oil and extraordinary transparency secures the original picture brightness. So without compromising the actual quality of the picture and any fear of damaging on iPhone’s camera, you can record captivating views during your trip. It’s case-friendly too. It can be used with any cases you’ve!

Also this camera lens protector includes bubble-free and residue-free removal. In addition to this, it comes  with an installation kit. The application of these camera lens protectors will be no more hard nuts to crack, as you will be given appropriate step-by-step instructions on the application and removal process. Also, you can contact us if you face any trouble during installation. You will be given a reply within 12 hours.


 iPhone 12 camera lens protector

iPhone 12 camera lens protector

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