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iPhone 7 Tempered Glass 2.5D Full Cover Display Screen Film

Product Abstract:

Compatible with iPhone 7. Doesn't interfere with the fingerprint home button. Premium grade: Japanese Asahi Tempered glass with 9H+ scratch resistant surface Ultra clear: Shock-resistant layer under the glass. High touch sensitity. Perfect application: No bubbles or residue. Flawless: Rounded edges for flawless integration and smooth feel.

Product Description

Tempered glass screen protector from Fomax is specifically designed to provide complete full coverage for iPhone 7’s display, even on the curved edges. It’s self-healing, flexible and made from military-grade thermoplastic urethane, designed to absorb impact, in case of dropping the phone. Furthermore the glass also resistant against scratches, punctures and UV light, recommended a nice choice from iPhone 7 tempered glass.

Anti-scratch defense
The tempered, processed shield with 9H hardness (high grade glass) provides extensive resistance to scratches, including sharp objects like knives and keys. And it's laser-cut for a perfect fit.

Smooth to the touch, clear view protection
The oil-resistant treatment (oleophobic coating) and the tempered glass together create a comfortable, smooth-to-the-touch interface for your touchscreen. With these materials, a quick wipe restores your screen to sparkling clarity.

Bubble-free, simple application
Once you release the glass on your phone, the silicone adhesive does all the work. No bubbles, no fuzz! Perfectly flat and pristine every time.

Super strong: Real glass protector with scratch-resistant, hard-coated surface that can resist sharp objects like knives and keys.
Incredibly clear: Oleophoic coating and chemically treated surface offers crystal-clear transparency.
Totally sensitive: Tempered glass retains full touch sensitivity.
Simple installation: No bubbles, no fuzz - just a perfect fit.

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