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  • iPhone 13 leaks? Fomax Glass wholesaler iPhone 13 Tempered Glass Protection on order

    iPhone 13 rumors has been getting a lot of news in this year, as far as we know Apple event will come in this fall 2021. Fomax glass has been predict all correct iPhone before they officially released. Don’t get me wrong, we only predict the tempered glass protector for the iPhone, and for the other functions or new features of the iPhone only could be known when Apple staff release from the Apple event and the mobile become a reality. [View Details]
  • Don’t make mistake: Samsung A32 vs Samsung A32 5G

    please notice the 2 mobile are different, therefore the tempered glass are totally difference. both of them are Samsung Galaxy A32, but one is 4G and the other is 5G. [View Details]
  • New models Update on November

    About 2 months, Chinese new year holiday will come. How fast this yeah! Here new models are available now, ready for your order. Pixel 5, Pixel 4A 5G iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro max OnePlus 8T, OnePlus Nord Xiaomi Mi 10T, Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite, Pocophone X3, Redmi Mi 10, Samusng S20 FE, Samsung Note 20, Samsung M31s, Samsung A42 5G Sony Xperia 5 II Zenfone 7, Zenfone 7 Pro, Huawei mate 30 Lite, Nova 8 se, Y7A, Y9A, P smart 2021, Huawei Honor 20E, Honor 30i, Mate 40 Lite Moto G9, Moto G9 Play, Moto G9 Plus Nokia 8.3, Nokia 3.4 OPPO K7X, A73 2020, Reno 4 se, Realme Q2, Realme Q2i, Realme Q2 Pro, Realme V5, A73 5G OPPO Realme 7/ 7i, Realme 7 Pro Vivo S7e, V20, V20se, V20 Pro, V20 series, Y30 [View Details]
  • iPhone 12 Full Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    New iPhone 12 lineup mobiles are lauching. They are expected to come in four models: iPhone 12 5.4 inch, iPhone 12 max 6.1 inch, iPhone 12 Pro 6.1'' and iPhone 12 Pro max 6.7 inch. We are preparing full tempered glass screen protector for you. [View Details]
  • Silicone Soft Edge Tempered Glass for iPhone 11

    Full screen coverage with Black silicone edge offers 360 degree protection for iPhone mobiles from anti-scratch and shatterproof. [View Details]
  • Huawei Y5p, Y6p, Y7p, Y8p tempered glass available

    Huawei Y5p, Huawei Y6p, Huawei Y7p, Huawei Y8p full glue full coverage tempered glass screen protector available: [View Details]
  • What is the difference between tempered glass protector and hybrid glass protector?

    Tempered glass is made by glass which has been heat treated in high tempering furnace to increase strength and thermal shock resistance. They are widely used in fireplace doors, window glass etc, also called safe glass, as even if they are damaged the glass will shatter into small pieces safe to human. [View Details]
  • When the tempered glass screen protector is becoming popular?

    year 2010, smart phones bring new life for mobile accessories including the tempered glass. With 5G network and foldable mobiles coming, are their some significant chances for screen protectors? [View Details]
  • What is a iPad paper like film, should I buy one?

    Looks like a Matte screen film, but when you using a pencil to write on it, you will feel writing on paper. In this point, it is called paper like film. Which is much preferred by people who using iPad writing or sketching in daily [View Details]
  • Really no any screen protectors can fit for Samsung Galaxy S10?

    Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship had a successful debut in all over the world, according to the related analysis; it reaches more than 16% higher than the Galaxy S9 series from last year by now. however, how to choose a screen protector for the mobile and workign with the unlock screen? [View Details]