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How to Choose A Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 and plus
2017-05-15 10:52:22

Samsung Galaxy S8 have a curved screen, which is very charming mobile design for galaxy family. However, it is a challenging for mobile accessory, especially for screen protector due to the 3D curved edge.

In market, there are mainly 3 types screen films for it.

1.       The first one is the tempered glass screen protector. Refer to S8 and plus, there are mainly 2 types of tempered glass; both of them are with 3D curved edge:

1)       Full body coverage. This design could perfectly cover the mobile screen from edge to edge, which can perfectly cove whole surface, looking perfect and nice. But it will have problem when work with armor case, like Otterbox, Spigen, Speck and Moshi hard cases etc. Therefore, before you install this screen, please kindly notice, it could not work with this kind of case, a TPU case will not have problem.

2)       Slim cut tempered glass. This is also a 3D curved design, but edges too leaving space around 2-3mm all way around edges. Specially designed for hard cases. Working perfectly with most of the strong case. While this screen, if not work with hard case, the mobile screen edge will still have 2-3mm can not cover by tempered glass. So this type screen glass, some company called 3D tempered glass case friendly.

  2.       TPU full cover film. This kind of screen film is also full coverage, with ultra thin thickness, like 0.18mm, price competitive. But it may hard for end users to install especially for green hands. It has some certain anti explosion, but not as scratch as tempered glass.

3.       Polymer film. This is kind of new screen film. The most outstanding features is when there is some small scratches, it can recover by itself after few hours, so looks new. And this type of screen can wash by water and repeat usage. When refer to installation, it will be harder compare to tempered glass.

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