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Tempered glass installation
2015-02-07 10:07:13

How to install Tempered Glass Screen protector

1. Clean dust. Firstly, clean hands, no dirt and dust, wipe mobile screen with the Fomax fiber cloth and the alcohol swab (All included in the package as a set).

2. Adjust position. Adjust the position of tempered Screen protector slightly according to the mobile screen before the actual installation. Peel off the protective layer on the adhesive side.

3. Carefully align the Screen protector and the cutouts to the screen and slowly begin the application process. Make sure not to touch the silicone adhesive with your fingers, hold onto the Screen protector by the sides and place it onto the surface of the device.

4. Press tempered glass help to adhere to screen. Press the center of the Screen protector only a minimum amount of pressure is necessary. The adhesive should smoothly glide across the phone screen and adhere to the device.

5. Air bubbles extruding if any. If air bubbles get trapped under the Screen protector, use the squeegee to remove them, beginning from the center to the side.

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