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What is hybrid glass, hybrid glass vs tempered glass
2021-06-30 10:23:13

What is hybrid glass, hybrid glass vs tempered glass

What is a hybrid glass? Hybrid Glass is made from a mix of glass and PET. It is a combination of different protection materials. So generally speaking, hybrid glass has such functions  impact, scratch & smudge protection.

Some people are saying the hybrid glass is super strong and unparalleled 7X strong drop and impact. They believe the hybrid glass is far more strong than tempered glass. The testing is refer to the drop test for the screen protectors, 64G steal ball drop from a certain height to a hybrid glass and a tempered glass. The result is the tempered glass is cracked and the hybrid glass is safe. So they believe the hybrid protector is much more strong than the tempered glass.

While from our study, it can not compare in this way. As we know the hybrid glass is ultra thin, and it is a combinations of glass and PET materials, so basically, it is no more a glass. So refer to the drop ball test, how about the hybrid glass with a real mobile. So probably the hybrid glass is safe, but the real mobile screen will be damages. That is because the hybrid glass can not bear all the drop force, so the drop force not strop by the hybrid glass and the force will directly to impact the mobile. To be a more simple example, maybe we could imaging, if we put a piece of paper on the mobile screen, and we use 64g steel ball drop testing, let say 2 meters height, we believe the paper should be no any changes, but the mobile will be damaged.

You may ask so the hybrid glass protection is not that good in protecting LCD display? While, we should say it is still a smart innovations for such a new product introduced to the screen protection fields. It is flexible, it can be made for many curved mobiles phones, such as Huawei P40. Due to it is material feathers, it can be made at a lower cost than the real tempered glass. Also the ultra thin hybrid glass, have been widely known solve the ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking for mobiles, such as Samsung S20 etc. So you could see now more and more brands are selling the hybrid protectors, such as ZAGG Hybrid Screen Protector you could find in Walmart; BodyGuardz Hybrid Glass Screen Protector etc.
Except for mobiles, the hybrid glass or called PMMA glass or PMMA screen protector are now widely used for the screen protector for smart watches. It is durable screen protector and Scratch protection with a smooth, glass finish. And you could easy to find some online article: The best Apple Watch screen protectors of 2021. you could see they also introduce hybrid glass is good for allple watch.

Foamx glass now has full series of the hybrid glass for smart watches. Hybrid glass for Apple watch and Samsung gear, Huawei watch, Garmin Fenix, Amazfit, OPPO watch etc. This will be a good chance to marketing the product could be selling on Amazon or ebay etc. Also it is good for retail stores etc, as the smart watch PMMA protector is super easy to assign. you could also visit our product link to see the product PMMA screen proector for Huawei watch 3


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